Science of Tantra: Path of the Goddess

Did you ever wonder why there is this trend among yogis to light candles and incense sticks around altars with some weird-looking objects? I mean beyond the obvious reason of dealing with the consequences of deep relaxation and 'wind-release'…
Owning our Strength

Owning Our Strength

I see many friends writing about vulnerability in the last year especially. Probably my selective perception (or my social media algorithms for that matter). I want to write about strength. The invincible, unbreakable, world-shattering strength in femininity.
Goddess Yoga

Is It About Fixing Ourselves or Accepting Who We Are (Or Both?!)

It is my routine to collect some feedback from the participants of 'the Feminine Way' after a few months. I am curious to know about the post effects of such a specialized yoga retreat for women. I want to know how they feel in general; if they…
Spiritual Psychosis

Spiritual Psychosis

Recently I put a post on facebook saying that I was recovering from a bad flu and asked for the care and attention of my friends. The moment I read the first reactions I wanted to erase the post. It was so awkward to express publicly that fragile…
Cracking the heart open

Cracking the Heart Open

It is a hard job to crack the heart open. For years my spiritual teachers kept on bugging me ‘You have to work on the heart, work on Anahata; there is no other way’. Yeah yeah… Well I did work on the heart, did my asana practice, my meditation,…
Fire ceremony at Guruji's temple

Purifying the Water

There is a beauty to being a wretched spiritual tourist in India. Key parameters being low budget / wide time-span, you visit an ashram, then hop to a healer, maybe a vedic astrologer and each step you take is also a step away from your comfort…
Ayurveda in Rishikesh

Ayurveda in Rishikesh

I just met a very kind and interesting Ayurveda doctor. I was already thinking that I couldn’t miss out on an ayurvedic consultation being the perfect spiritual tourist in Rishikesh. Our paths just crossed naturally and I went for it. According…
Sri Prem Baba

Connecting to Prem Baba

Once getting used to greeting the baba’s situated in various spots around the Ganga with a ‘Hariom’ I decided I am finally settled. Now I have a cozy room with a heater, candles and all, Baba’s I greet, some friends with whom I exchange…
From Mahamaya to Baba

From Mahamaya to Baba

After the warm embrace of Kamakhya we headed towards Tarapith where we will do the concluding work to fix the energies we have been working with in ourselves (whatever that means?!). Tarapith is the city of Tara; the Goddess of knowledge and…
On the way to my first big Puja: Kamakhya

On the Way to my First Big Puja: Kamakhya

A beloved old friend stopped by recently before I headed towards another continent yet again. After some desperate attempts to get some words out of me about my many adventures around the tropics he finally gave up and made fun of my inability…


I don’t have a place in anybody’s life. This is the dark side of my much beloved solitude. As many other women subjected to a high culture from their childhood on, I have a slightly longer distance between my inner world and what I…
Wounds of the Arrow

Wound of the Arrow

I have thoughts about him in my mind, more often that I’d like. This state is unsettling. I was even feeling guilty for becoming obsessive. Then I remembered; this is not a coincidence; this is not just a random state. When the mind is so…