Date: January 23-28, 2019

Venue: The Yoga House

Phone: +66 95 536 5002

Location: 53 / 7 Moo 2, Ban Nai Suan, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

The Feminine Way Advanced
Yoga Therapy and Tantra Retreat for Women

Radiance, Empowerment, Authenticity

Koh Phangan, Thailand

23rd – 28th January, 2019

Date: January 23-28, 2019

Price:  $1100.00 Early Bird $1000.00

Venue: The Yoga House

Phone: +66 95 536 5002

Location: 53 / 7 Moo 2, Ban Nai Suan, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

The Feminine Way Advanced

‘We crack the small box we have stuffed our femininity in during our initial quests. We want to let the power, the light shine through. Then comes a moment to confront what is hiding in the shadow and daring to dive deeper. Time to purify, clear old patterns, make our mind sharp and strong while standing on our heart.’

This retreat is for women who want to walk this extra-mile; surrender into a deep journey of ritual and transformation.

What will you gain from this retreat?

  • Practice Tantra in a safe environment: authentic initiation to a long mantra and practice of advanced exercises and rituals
  • Improve your health: practical, efficient tools for your well-being focused on mental/emotional well-being and youthful living
  • Get in touch with your sensuality: belly dance and exotic dance to tap into your sensual being
  • Discover your gifts and talents and learn how to utilize them for a happier and healthier life: guided quests to explore and utilize your gifts and talents

The Feminine Way

Give yourself a week in a picturesque nature to enjoy the magnificent woman you are… A week of specialized yoga therapy, transformative tantric practices, joyful dance and nurturing company of other amazing women…

All these experiences will give you many tools and tips that you can easily integrate into your daily life. The intense, focused work will help your mind to change its patterns. You will enjoy a new way of ‘being’ in your feminine essence.

You deserve this!

Give yourself 5 days in a picturesque nature and luxurious setting to enjoy the magnificent woman you are… Dive into this exploration of specialized yoga therapy, transformative tantric practices, joyful dance and nurturing company of other amazing women…

Main Components Of ‘The Feminine Way’

Yoga therapy

Each day we will dive into a topic relevant to women and practice a special yoga therapy class together. Core topics: Power of the mind, youthful living, sexual and reproductive health; healthy bones and joints, emotional balance.

Women's circle

Sharing circles

Women’s circles are an amazing source of knowledge, support and inspiration. During these circles we will work with aspects of femininity to cultivate more of certain archetypical qualities like wisdom, compassion, sensuality, wild nature…

Goddess Yoga

Goddess yoga

Powerful practices from traditional Tantra will connect us to our inner Goddess. We will work with mantras and yantras of the divine feminine and invoke profound qualities in our being by meditation, ritual and dance.

Belly dance

Belly dance and creative movement

Connecting to our sensuality with belly dance, discovering the boundaries we set to ourselves through improvisation… We will use dance as a form of expression and transformation touching the subconscious parts of our mind in a safe and supported space. By the end of the retreat you will learn a little belly dance routine!



Rituals support us in purifying our being, manifesting our intentions and creating portals to connect to our divine feminine. Each day we will perform a powerful ritual with a particular focus. Each transformative ritual will bring us closer to serving our beloveds in better ways.

Jade egg

Jade egg practice

These exercises with the semi-precious stone jade in the form of an egg are time-honoured practises purifying and healing our power centre, the yoni. As an exceptional offer, each participant will be provided with a jade egg in your training kit!

About Dijan

DijanHello beautiful

I am Dijan. I am an international yoga therapist and traditional tantra teacher. I created Rasa Lila by Dijan to help people embody the best version of themselves. I believe life can be experienced in a very juicy, playful, rich and loving way. The more we open up to life inside and out, the more we can serve others around us with our light. I invite you passionately on a journey of self-discovery, healing, empowerment and bliss.

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The Feminine Way Advanced will take place in the luxurious Yoga House surrounded by a lush tropical garden. Yoga House creates an inspiring and supportive atmosphere where we can go deep into our work supported by a beautiful environment, elegant surrounding, refreshing pool and amazing meals.

Although private and secluded The Yoga House is only a few minutes from Koh Phangan’s main beaches, villages and the main town. Surrounded by the astonishing shades of greens and tropical flowers of the island, it offers a quiet and elegant space, a rich library and chill out corner and delicious refreshments during breaks.

The Feminine Way

What is included

  • 30 hours of teaching on tantra yoga therapy, dance, ritual and meditation
  • Specialised yoga therapy classes every day
  • Discourses on traditional Tantra, core health topics covered,
  • Belly dance and creative movement sessions
  • Training kit with a jade egg for each participant
  • Certification of attendance
  • Shared accommodation at the Yoga House (two different accommodation options available; one with indoor bathroom and one with outdoor bathroom. Please state which option you prefer when signing up)
  • Breakfast buffet and dinner (vegetarian with rich vegan option)
  • Swimming pool
  • Free WIFI


  • Single occupation


Investment for the Retreat: 1100 USD (shared occupancy with indoor bathroom)

Early Bird Opportunity: 1000 USD (valid until December 1st)

Investment for the Retreat: 950 USD (shared occupancy with outdoor bathroom)

Early Bird Opportunity: 890 USD (valid until December 1st)

500 USD (without accommodation; meals and use of venue facilities included) Participants are highly encouraged to stay at The Yoga House during the retreat for best results. This option is mostly provided for participants who stay on the island for a longer time or have special needs.

You can pay via bank transfer or by Paypal. The attendees are responsible for the transaction fees.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation before the retreat, we will keep 100% of your deposit as an administration fee. After December 15th there will be no refunds. We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we ask you to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.