Bring healing to your body

Bring healing to your body

In tantra teachings the body is considered as your temple. How can you evolve for better if you don’t attend to our temple? How can one feel empowered and joyful if she suffers from chronic headaches, digestive issues, allergies or more serious conditions? Rasa Lila by Dijan brings together the western, scientific approach of yoga therapy and the esoteric tantra knowledge of millennia for a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Our methods: Hatha yoga, pranayama, concentration and meditation techniques, body work, kriya-purification techniques, diet, life-style changes, referrals to other complementary medicine methods.

Multiple layers of being

Discover multiple layers of our being

Your being is aligned if there is a harmony among your body, mind and soul. Attending to the physical body alone is barely scratching the surface. Emotions are an important part of your being. Science proves the psycho-somatic roots of many health conditions and the correlation between harmonious flow of emotions and having success in life. Tantra teachings embrace the rich world of emotions and show beautiful ways of working with emotions towards evolution.

Our methods: Yogic techniques on the emotional body, Psycho-spiritual work through interactive exercises, Rasa Sadhana; a specific method from Kashmiri Shaivism and dance

Feminine energy

Learn how to use the feminine energy

Tantra perceives the entire nature, manifestation as the feminine force; divine Goddess Shakti. The word Shakti means ‘power’. Our very nature is power. We need to connect with our feminine essence to shine. We will learn how to use simple experiences in life for healing and allowing our gifts and talents to pour out. However abstract this may sound, the methods are very down-to-earth, efficient and practical.

Our methods: Divine yoga of deities, meditation with mantra, yantra, visualisation and music, dance, philosophical discourses and rituals