Tantra Yoga Retreats

Dates and Venues


Dance of Shiva and Shakti – Lefkada, Greece

July 13, 2018$1,750.00 $1,600.00 Unlimited slots
Yoga, Tantra and Wellness will take place on the beautiful Greek island of Lefkada, at Food Path Yoga Villa. The retreat includes 40 hours of teaching on wellness, dance, yoga therapy, Tantra, ritual and meditation among many others.

The Feminine Way – Lefkada, Greece

July 20, 2018$1,500.00 $1,350.00 Unlimited slots
Enjoy the Mediterranean spirit, lightness and delicious, healthy food! A yoga retreat for women integrating yoga therapy, tantra and dance to help you embody the best version of yourself. The Feminine Way will offer you the guidance and experience you need to make a change...