Tantra and Yoga Workshops

During this workshop we work on transforming a woman’s relation to her power source — her yoni –and allowing a healthy flow of creative energy arising from this center. You will be introduced to gems of knowledge from therapeutic Yoga and Tantra. On a physiological level, these practices will help strengthen the pelvic floor and improve sexual health and hormonal balance.

During this workshop we will be enjoying belly dance as a way to connect to our sensuality; bringing health to the body and emotions, circulating the energy in our subtle centers of vitality, creativity and transformation. Belly dance has scientifically proven effects on fibromyalgia, lower back pain issues, scoliosis, high blood pressure and emotional traumas.

Would you like to learn simple ways to observe your body, emotions and thoughts and restore your inner balance following simple dietary and life style principles? In this introduction to Ayurveda, you will experience an exploration of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of health with a special focus on women.

This workshop will provide you with a physiological and yogic understanding of how our Warrior operates, yoga therapy tools to boost and/or balance the immune system, and more.

This workshop will provide a basic understanding of the functioning and effects of the hormones to our well-being, techniques and tips from yoga tradition, and a yoga program on hormonal balance.