Belly Dance Therapy

Belly Dance

Are you looking for a fun way of getting in touch with your inner goddess? Do you want to bring health to your body and soul? Come and do some shimmies!

During this workshop we will be enjoying belly dance as a way to connect to our sensuality; bringing health to the body and emotions, circulating the energy in our subtle centers of vitality, creativity and transformation.

Belly dance has scientifically proven effects on fibromyalgia, lower back pain issues, scoliosis, high blood pressure and emotional traumas.

What is waiting for you?

The workshop will start with a session to warm up and connect with our body followed by introduction of belly dance techniques and practice of a routine. After a short break, there will be a short discourse on belly dance therapy followed by further instructions on the routine and concluded by release and relaxation techniques.

What to wear and bring?

Best is to wear comfortable cloths; long, airy fairy skirts more than welcome. Avoid eating at least an hour before class and bring a small but energizing snack for the break.


This is a 5h workshop with a short in between two slots of teaching. I also offer shorter classes of 1,5h.

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I am grateful that I got to meet you on my path to discover the nature of femininity. There is definately a good reason for me to be here. I feel that our paths will keep crossing and flowing together. Today I was in the exact right place and with the exact right person. Thank you very much for everything! I hope to see you again very soon.

HandeYoga teacher, Istanbul

Dijan’s class was so much fun! She was encouraging and very informative, and I loved her grounded and poised teaching style. I felt a new sense of connection to my body and my femininity, and was inspired to take more classes with her. I would highly recommend her classes to any of my friends and can’t wait to get to more myself.

MichelleArtist, USA