Yoga for Hormonal Balance

Yoga for Hormonal Balance

Our hormones give the command and the body follows. They simply rule all functions from growth to libido. Disharmony in the hormonal function may lead to skin problems, hair loss, weight gain, head ache, fatigue, accelerated aging, joint pain, sleep disorders, sexual and reproductive problems and the list continues. Yoga techniques stimulate and regulate hormonal glands and organs; and scientific studies prove yoga`s efficiency in keeping a balanced hormonal system.

This workshop will provide:

  • A basic understanding of the functioning and effects of the hormones to our wellbeing
  • Techniques and tips from yoga tradition
  • A yoga program on hormonal balance


This is a 5h workshop starting with the yoga therapy knowledge and practice sharing and continuing with the esoteric teachings and rituals after a short break.

What to wear

Comfortable clothing

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